Tractor art Drawing Sketch commission I'll draw your tractor from a photo

 Do you like my work and want me to draw a piece of work for you?

Are you looking for something different?  Either for yourself or as a gift?  Then why not consider having a hand drawn sketch of machinery.  I have been drawing tractors and machinery since 2008 and have built up an extensive portfolio and a large following.

My portfolio is built on a variety of customers work, from a lawn mower to a montage of a local contractors fleet and work for various Machinery Manufacturers.


Based out of a Log Cabin in my garden, I work from photographs, so please ensure you send the best quality photos you can.  The quality of the finished sketch is determined by the quality of the photographs.

I can draw single machines, or make multi machine images, using a variety of photos.  My drawing style means I tend not to draw too much background, to make the machine the focus and really stand out, but I can draw backgrounds for you at request, which may affect the finished price

 Answers to some FAQ’s

 How big will it be?

I usually draw the image A4 size in the middle of an A3 piece of paper.  Like the example shown below, however, its your drawing, I can draw it how you like.  The smallest I would draw is 7”x5” and the largest image would be A2 on A1 Paper. See below for details and sizes

A3 Paper size with A4 image

I always try to draw on a standard ‘A’ size paper, so framing is standard, not costly and requiring specially made. 

Paper size/Image size

A1 Paper with A2 Image

A2 Paper with A3 Image

A3 Paper with A4 Image

A4 Paper with A5 Image

Standard 'A' paper sizes are below

a paper sizes

 How much will it cost?

It’s not really a straightforward answer, My most common image is a Single Machine on A3 paper (A4 image size) prices for this typically would be £95 excl Postage.  Prices for multiple machines would vary and would require me to look at what your ideas are to give you a better idea, but the table below may give you an idea.

I also offer a cheaper option for you to get an original drawing. I draw on 7” x 5” and supply framed for £50 each. Great as a unique gift idea that is very cost effective.


Paper Size


7” x 5”




Single Machine (Tractor, Truck, Harvester etc)





Two Machines





Three Machines





Fleet (typically Four or more Machines)





Note, These are typical examples and prices may vary


How and when do I pay?

To book a slot in my diary, I ask for a £40 deposit (more if the Image is more expensive than a standard one) and the rest to be paid on completion.  Note, the sketch will not be shipped until full payment is received. I will not ask for the deposit until I am about to start the drawing.  I don’t want to be in debt to you and have a large backlog if delayed.

 How long will it take?

It depends on the time of year, but I will advise more when we finalise what you want drawn

 How will it be posted to me?

Delivery would be additional and is sent via a Tracked and Insured service. In the UK, this would usually be £10 and you will receive notification and tracker details.


If this interests you.   Just either send me an email (Contact info), or message me from my Facebook page, or Instagram page an I will be happy to see if we can create something for you that will be a unique memento, or gift


Thanks for the interest, here is a quick video showing my work style, note this is the level of detail for a smaller drawing, as the image size increases, so does the quality and detail