Tractor art Drawing Sketch commission I'll draw your tractor from a photo


Are you looking for something different?  Either for yourself or as a gift?  Then why not consider having a hand drawn sketch of machinery.  Ian has been drawing tractors and machinery since 2008 and has built up an extensive portfolio and a large following.

His work is done from photographs in his Art studio in the garden.  He has carried out numerous commissions for a broad range of customers from a lawn mower to a montage of a local contractors fleet and Machinery Manufacturers.

All you have to do to secure his service is send a photo*(1) and advise him when you need (with plenty of notice) 

Ian will review the photo(s) and agree a price with you for the work.  It may be necessary to agree a deposit, especially if it is multiple images, but isn't always necessary.

The sketches are usually drawn on A3 paper, or the larger A2 size and you’re not just limited to a single machine, you could have a fleet line-up if you wished.

All my work will come on standard sized paper, making it much easier to frame using standard sizes if you wish, without the costly expense of bespoke framing.

You will receive an email or message with a copy of the finished sketch (covered by digital waterwark)*(2) for you to agree acceptance, or tweak changes.

Once full payment is received, you will receive the signed original, via Insured Special Delivery. 

If you are interested in a unique gift, please send a mail to, detailing what you would like. 

I may be able to source photos to work from, or I could even come and see your machine in action to take photos for you (additional fees may apply)

Typically, the work can take 4-6 weeks to complete, so please bear this in mind when planning.

Typical commission prices start at £80

Postage will be extra.

I will offer discounts for multiple images, please enquire for more details.  A firm price can’t be guaranteed until the work has been assessed.


Thanks for the interest



*(1) The photo needs to be of a sufficient size for Ian to be able to capture the detail.  If working with a modern smartphone or digital camera, an image size of at least 1024px x 768px should be OK, but ideally an image size of over 2048px would enable a better finished sketch.  If your unsure, please just get in touch from the contacts page for more assistance.

*(2) A digital watermark is an electronic emblem attached to the image to prevent images being used without payment.  Once payment is received the original image without a watermark is posted out.